I worked on a trade with my good pal berggie. If you have cute girls with growing breasts sizes, then check his stuff out.  He’s a great artist and is definitely one to watch. First up is my end of the trade. Berggie’s April has the power to grow her breasts and those in her proximity with ease. Lana ends up being in the same room as April does this and ends up with boobs that are too big to stand up with. Meanwhile, April walks away in stride. 😀 Here’s both the dialogue and textless version of this scene!

April and Lana- Art Trade with berggie http://berggie.deviantart.comApril and Lana- Art Trade with berggie http://berggie.deviantart.com

On berggie’s side, Lana and April spend some time on the beach. Lana is running down (trying to keep her boobs from giving her a concussion :P) while April relaxes. As Lana passes by, April gets the sudden urge to attract her attention, growing her breasts to a nice size, even giving Lana a little growth too.

This was a fun trade. Though, Lana should be more careful with who she hangs out with. Lest she grows even bigger breasts and gets these fictional back pains that everyone keeps talking about. 😛 Then again, I can’t stop her from having fun with her friends. 😀 Enjoy!