It’s here! The newest addition in the Intrigue3D library. It’s Magnum Johnson, now available for purchase!

Magnum Johnson a hard-cocked detective looking to solve the mystery of a missing girl, finding himself looking for clues towards her disappearance. Along the way, he meets with several of the girls who can help him out (in more ways than one). In this story within a story, Magnum Johnson stars as Adrian along with Lana, Krissy, Elizabeth, Zoey, Rylee, & Kiara in a sexy noir that should please. The set features both Male-on-Female and dickgirl content along with oral, vaginal, anal and gangbang scenes. There’s also a secret surprise waiting for you inside this…

Magnum Johnson features 97 high-quality images including a 88-image main portion (with a textless version included) and 9 bonus pinups. This set was rendered in Octane in 1920×1080 resolution outside of a few images, which were rendered in 1600×2000. You can get this set for $9.95. Be sure to check the readme included with the set for more info. You can pick it up at the following stores below:

Magnum Johnson at Affect3D Store

Magnum Johnson at Gumroad

Magnum Johnson at Payhip

Special thanks goes out to Nuflash for coming up with the story and for giving me permission to release this. This was a fun title to work on with the different settings and outfits for the girls.  Also, thanks to everyone who supports me on this site, Patreon, Twitter or any of my other social media haunts. You guys encouraging me to keep this up. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy Magnum Johnson (along with the other bonus :D). Take care and thank you!