This one was commissioned by Sgt. Buck featuring Rylee waking up the best way possible: With a blowjob. As Rylee awakens from her slumber (thinking Zoey is the one doing the deed), she notices it’s Krissy who’s sucking on her fat cock. While shocked at first, Rylee finds herself enjoying Krissy’s oral skills. Soon, Rylee can’t hold it in much longer and shoots a huge load into her mouth. The amount was so massive that it was dripping out of Krissy’s mouth and all over Rylee’s cock. Hopefully, Krissy can help her wake up again like this soon.

While I’m at it (since I dunno how to add this to an update), I’ve got something else with Krissy that was requested through Patreon. This one is a bit of a continuation of her getting fucked by a SDJ Futa Zoey. If you wanna check out more stuff early or even request your own image, be sure to check out my Patreon. Until then, enjoy!