Update for today. This was posted on Patreon a while back. If you wanna check out stuff before it’s posted on here and other things, then be sure to pledge to my Patreon. I’ve already got next month’s Rando Requests up (the theme is superheroes). Check it out at this link! Thanks!

Back to today’s update: This one was commissioned by Wesmon10 and features the Goddess forms of Elizabeth & Lana, though Lana has an extra appendage to help with the fun. Elizabeth sees Lana’s new unit and wants to give it a try. After comparing it to her face, she sucks on the massive cock, taking each and every inch down her soft throat. She then provides a little footjob and tittyfuck to help ease some of the pressure. It seems like there’s more in store for these two in the future.

Wesmon10 also commissioned some stuff featuring Goddess Futa Lana by herself, first measuring her monster cock (can you guess how big it is?) and then posing splitlegged. These were fun to do and I hope you like them as well. Enjoy!