Quick health update: It’s been close to four weeks since my transplant happened and so far, everything is looking good. I have some swelling around the incision area, but otherwise I’m doing good. Hopefully, that will go down in the coming weeks. Next week should be interesting as the doctors may be lowering my current prescriptions down some. So yay on that!

Btw there’s still time to enter the twitter raffle contest. I’m closing in on 5,500 followers, which means the prize will be upgraded shortly. So don’t wait to enter!

Today’s update is an interesting one to say the least. These were requested through Patreon for the last few months and started to be its own thing. Rylee & Zoey have been roomies for some time and things can get a little boring. Rylee wants to spice things up and makes it for quest to bone Zoey using various methods and outfits. Sadly, Zoey is having none of it. Will she succeed or fail like usual? You’ll have to check out this one (sometimes two) shot comic I dub RyleeQuest!

There’s some that were posted up previously, so I moved them to their own page, which you can check out here.

And while I’m at it, I’ve got something commissioned a couple of years ago that I never posted up here as it was abandoned early in the production. It features Rylee & Zoey having a movie night and things turn sexual. Sadly, this is how far it got. If anyone wants to continue, let me know and we can make arrangements there. Until then, enjoy!