Another update today. This time, we’re featuring Nuflash’s Elizabeth, the new Intrigue 3D girl, along with a few of the friends she’s made along the way. As always, these were posted up beforehand on Patreon. If you wanna check out stuff early and some exclusive, then become a patron today. Thanks!

First up is a face to “face” between Elizabeth & Adrian. She probably didn’t expect that to happen. 😛

Next up is her with Krissy & Zoey, who both have huge cocks to fuck her with. The two spitroast her as Krissy works the mouth while Zoey works Eliza’s pussy. Elizabeth really enjoys the attention she’s getting and wonders if there’s more coming her way.

Next is some pinups of Elizabeth in her goth form. You may have seen her like this in Appetite For The Wicked. If you haven’t, why not? It’s available for sale now. Go check it out now.

And lastly, one of her at the beach, both in a bikini and without. Enjoy!