Like I said in the previous update, I did a mini-set commissioned by Vidayen featuring their sexy demoness Dancer. Dancer decides to apply for a secretary position, but first needs to complete an interview with the head honcho. She’s got all the qualifications he’s looking for: Smart, quick learner, and able to handle any tasks required. It also helps that the boss is also really into big titty demon girls as they’re one of the few kinds that can handle his “dictation” without problems.

The second she walks in, the two both get right down to business. The boss pulls out his monster cock, which impresses Dancer a lot as he strokes it on her face. Dancer decides to give it some oral love, sucking down on the huge shaft and showing she’s more than capable of handling such a task. She even allows him to fuck her other holes in order to show him how well she can take it. And to ensure she gets the job, she even uses some of her devilish magic to help grow her breasts bigger to the point that the boss can’t handle it anymore and shoots a huge creampie inside her.

Did she end up with the job? Well, not sure. Maybe she needs to come in for more in-depth interview next time. 😀 Enjoy!