Sorry for the lack of updates. Time flies when you’re not paying attention. I’m still in the process of getting some updates/upgrades done to the site, though it’s gonna be a while longer. In any case, I have a few things to post featuring some of your characters including a few requests from Patreon.

To start, we’ve got some Cindy lovin’ going on as she finds herself in the lair of the dreaded Minotaur. Don’t worry. She’ll be fine after he’s fine plowing her.

There’s also a few new pinups of Cindy in case you enjoy those.

June has a moment of Deja Vu in this next scene while fucking Krissy. It may seem a little to her (and you probably), but at least the other part is new for her.

Next up is a continuation of Zoey tackling the Monstrous form of Rylee. In this form, Rylee becomes more muscular and intimidated than her usual self, which frightens the fuck out of Zoey. But Zoey is no match for this benemoth, who pins her down with ease, giving her a closer look at her massive member. Will she be able to take it? You’ll have to find out in the future!

Lastly, we got some alternate versions of Rylee and Zoey including the classic Tribal Rylee testing her strength. But now, she has an equal in the form of Cavegirl Zoey. Will these two pair up? Well, if you’ve been checking out my Patreon, you’ll already know the answer to that question. Anyway, enjoy!