Update for today. This was requested through Patreon and features Lana & Rylee at the gym. As seen before, Lana has been getting help from Rylee with her workout. After an intense session, Rylee decides to take things a step further and rubs her cock between Lana’s thighs, signaling the next stage of the workout. Lana takes to the floor and begins to titfuck Rylee’s cock, working on her pecs while doing so. Before long, they switch positions to help Lana on her glutes (while she sucks on Rylee’s cock).

But wait! There’s a twist to this story! Turns out Lana had been holding back her own cock (like I said, requested via Patreon :D) and wants to help Rylee out too. After getting Rylee familiar with her tool, Lana fucks Rylee in her ass as the two continue their fun. Hope you enjoy!