Small update about the site: I made a few tweaks to the site that hopefully add to the experience before I work on the more major stuff. For one, you can now get notified about when posts go up through Discord, Twitter or from your computer. For the latter option, just click the little bell icon in the bottom right corner and select “Allow Notifications”. Also, the sidebar is fixed to the screen instead of before. Now it will follow you through your scrolling of the site.

With that stuff out of the way, how about we get to today’s update featuring Zoey? These were requested through Patreon and feature Zoey having some fun with some of the other girls. In our first scene, it’s another scene from the Kiara & Vampire Zoey set. Though the number is after the series’ end (I’ll fix that later), I’d consider this to happen somewhere before that. Vamp Zoey rides on Kiara’s monster cock, getting all the pleasure she can.

Next up is another continuation of an older scene and also features Vampire Zoey, but now with Rylee. Rylee is without her big tool (probably due to magic or something), but Zoey still has fun with her. Zoey puts on a strap-on and forces Rylee to hop on top of her strap-on while Rylee tries to hide the lust she’s feeling.

And just in case you missed Rylee with her cock, here’s a scene featuring her and June going to town on Zoey. The two DP Zoey hard at the gym as their fat cocks penetrate Zoey’s pussy and ass with no stopping. Hopefully, Zoey will be able to remember to do this again. 😀

Anyway, that’s all for now. Like I said before, this was requested through Patreon. If you wanna check out more stuff before it’s posted here or anywhere else, then be sure to pledge today. Until then, don’t go too far (unless you want Rylee to chase you down) and enjoy!