Deviline & Rylee

Oh look! We've got another update featuring the Devilish Devil, DevilHS' Deviline! This one was commissioned by JoFu, who wanted to see a battle between Deviline & Rylee to see who reigns supreme in the dickgirl world. After an intense staredown (with their cocks trying to intimidate the other), they begin the action. Deviline starts [...]

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Dickgirl Fun With Krissy & Lana

Hey! I know it's super late, but it's now my birthday now. So celebrations are in order (maybe. We'll see). Anyway, I've got some stuff requested via Patreon featuring Krissy & Lana as a couple of hung dickgirls that like to fuck around. They try to use their new tools in various ways: Comparing each [...]

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