Rylee’s Transformation

With the new year approaching (at least on my end), I thought I should end the year with something done earlier featuring Rylee and her origins. Yes, she has an origin story! It was originally posted on Patreon. Rylee's Transformation is Rylee's journal about the different stages of her life including when she was fat, [...]

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Alison Redux (Plus Lana)

Got some stuff for today. Evilhero2517 commissioned me a while ago of an updated version of their OC Alison. Here we have several pinups of the newly redesigned Alison, who now features a new look with some stunning curves. Hopefully these shots give you a good view of her and what she'll be offering very [...]

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Smörgåsbord Of Stuff

I wanted to try a different title than just Random Stuff again, which is basically what this update is. A lot of these were requested via Patreon. To start things off, we have a few of the girls interacting with Rylee in different ways. June shoots a load of cum on Rylee's ass (after what [...]

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Artwork By Various Artists

I accumulated a bunch of artwork from various artists over the past few months that I never got around to posting. Well, today's the day as I post the art I've commissioned from various artists featuring Lana, Rylee and/or Zoey. Some of the artwork comes from a few familiar faces like Devil-HS or NinjaKitty along [...]

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Rough Night For Kinzie

New update (and I mean new). This one was commissioned recently by an anonymous client featuring Perfidus' character Kinzie. This one is different from my usual norm as it features Kinzie getting roughed up a little by her male counterpart. After forcing her to suck his cock, he goes straight into her ass, pounding her [...]

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Commissions Galore!

Again, sorry about the lack of updates. I've been busy with a few things that I've lost track of time. Because of that, we have another big update, this time featuring some of the commissions I've worked on the past few months. First off, I've got a commission done for DeafGotham featuring their OC Alanna [...]

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