Deviline + Update

Got lots of stuff featuring Deviline, DevilHS' hot demon girl. She's one of my fav characters, so I had to do something with her. As you can see, she's a horny nymph that wants nothing more than to fuck (and maybe get your soul). Anyway, there's two varieties of her: Dickgirl and without. Check them [...]

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Tales From The Sex Crypt Out Now!

The collaboration project from Affect3D & 3DX Discord is now available for purchase! Titled "Tales From The Sex Crypt", it boasts 15 different stories from several artists including 3DZen, Miki3DX, ForgedKyle, and others. It also features a wraparound story featuring Zoey introducing you to the tales while getting some action in the process. Though, it's [...]

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Where The Fuck Was I?

Sorry about the lack of updates for the past two weeks. Nothing bad happened or anything. I've just been busy with a few things. One of which will be seen this coming Saturday at the Affect3D Store. I had been working with Affect3D and the 3DX Discord channel on a collaboration project. The project is [...]

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