Bree Commission

Here's another commission I worked on for Super-Badger, this time featuring a new character known simply as Bree. This busty blonde college student (say that four times fast) enjoys all the things a young adult loves: Hanging out at the clubs, going on Facebook, getting naked in public. You know, the usual stuff. Bree loves [...]

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Shannon & Tiffy’s Honeymoon

A little mini-set for you guys today. This one was commissioned by Super-Badger featuring their characters Shannon and Tiffy (you may have seen them before in random places like in the Super Pack or on Patreon). And they're finally getting married! And what better way to consumate the marriage than with a special honeymoon surprise. [...]

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Lana’s Fantasy + Art By Devil-HS

New update today. I wanted to do something a little different as I was inspired by Devil-HS. If you've never seen his work, then you must not visit this site very often. He's one of my favorite artists and has done a lot of stuff featuring Lana and the girls. You can check them out [...]

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Coming Soon: Succubus Lust

I've got some previews to my upcoming release Succubus Lust, which will be out this Saturday! Adrian finds himself lost and in front of a mysterious demoness named Dancer. Dancer has had her eyes on Adrian for quite some time. Luckily for him, she's not in the mood to take his soul or life. She [...]

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Krissy & Lana + Quick Announcement

I've got some Krissy & Lana stuff for today. The first two were requested via Patreon. The first is a selfie of the two after a shoot. After being cummed on, you'd expect the girls to clean themselves up, which is where the second pic lead us. The two gives themselves a quick rinse, but [...]

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