Alison Meets The Girls

New update for today. This one was commissioned by evilhero2517 and features their character Alison (whom we met before) interacting with some of the girls of Intrigue3D. Alison always wanted to work with the girls, so once she was invited to a guest shoot she naturally obliged. She was a little starstruck at first, seeing [...]

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Lana Liberty: Set Trouble

I got this pic from Devil-HS earlier today featuring Lana as her superhero gimmick Lana Liberty. A lot can happen on a porn shoot. The set called for Lana Liberty to battle the evil Cocktor Doom. But during the fight scene, the actor ends up tangled in the strings and is left dangling in the [...]

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Couple Of Zoey Commission

I'm waaaaaaaay behind on updates. I've currently been working on several commissions, getting the redesign of Lana done, working on Affect3D stuff, getting a new computer (should be coming in either next week or the following), waiting for Lucha Underground season dos, and several other stuff. So I kept putting off updating the site, which [...]

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Devil-HS’ Veronica + Rylee & Zoey By Buru

Couple of stuff for today. First up, I did some fanart of Devil-HS' Battle Nun Veronica. I love Devil's work (it's why I commission him all the time), so I wanted to do something cool with one of his character. And who better than his badass demon-slaying nun? (Maybe Stripes, but we'll get to her [...]

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Rylee By TheKite

New update for today. I recently commissioned a speedpaint from TheKite featuring our favorite buffed-up dickgirl Rylee! Rylee heard about a new gym called Alpha Bitches Gym, one that caters to the dickgirl crowd and lets them hang their dangly parts out while they work out. Rylee always enjoyed doing it in private, but publicly [...]

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