Minotaur Queen Excellia

New update. This one was commissioned by Onikuromaru and features their OC, the Minotaur Queen Excellia. Excellia's mind can only think of one thing: Minotaur cum! Just thinking about causes her tits to lactate and her body to shiver. Luckily, two well-hung minotaurs have come to the rescue. She opens her mouth and presses her [...]

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Keetsie & Rylee

New update for today. This one was commissioned by Perfidus and features their character Keetsie interacting with our very own Rylee. Ever since her encounter with Krissy at the gym, Rylee's been having some trouble controlling her libido. It doesn't help when she decided to take an exercise class with the very sexy Keetsie as [...]

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Kim & Ron

New update for today. I got inspired to do this one a while ago. We'll also say these characters are of legal age to prevent any sort of issues. After another successful mission, Kim had one more mission to accomplish: Her first time. Joined by her boyfriend/partner Ron, they go to a hotel where Kim [...]

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Stuff From The Devil-HS

Got a couple of commissions from one of my fave five artists, Devil-HS. The first one is Lana giving a tittyfuck to Adrian. Lana's huge boobs wrap around his cock with ease, squeezing out all the precum goodness that she can't help but lick. In the second piece, we see Rylee & Zoey hanging [...]

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Another Easy A For Velma

A continuation of the previous Velma piece. Velma isn't done getting that precious A-grade, especially since the Dean wants more of her's. :D The Dean has Velma stand up on her desk and begins rubbing his cock between her cheeks. Velma is anxiously waiting for him to continue fucking her. Her mind wants that A, [...]

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