MeyMey’s Fun Time

New update. This one was commissioned by Amaterasu and features MeyMey hanging out with some of the Intrigue3D girls. After a hard day of work, MeyMey decides to relax at one of the premier clubs in the city, Club Dragon. As one of the VIPs, she gets the club's full treatment: Her own private room, [...]

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A Bunch Of Random Stuff

Okay, I've got a lot for today's update. To start is a trio of pics featuring Lana, Zoey and Justine. First up is Lana at the beach. Lana loves going there, especially a hard session at work. Hey, even porn stars even a vacation every once in a while. :) Next is Zoey, who I [...]

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Intrigue3D Super Pack

I've added a title exclusively to the Affect3D Store called the Intrigue3D Super Pack. I'm not gonna mince words: This isn't an actual set as much as it's a compilation. Most of the stuff was previously posted on Patreon between October 2014 and June 2015, but I've also included some never before seen stuff. This [...]

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