Zoey Madness 2 + Commissions Open! (And closed!)

Here's another commission from the anonymous client from the last one. They loved the previous multiple Zoey pic and wanted one for themselves. This time, the Zoeys are now fucking Rachel around with a couple of strap-ons. I wonder where they're keeping all these Zoeys at? :D Enjoy! Also, commissions are open again! Click on [...]

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Zoey & Rachel Commission

Got this one commissioned by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. This features at one of the clubs she works at with her friend Rachel. Both are locked in chastity as their buyers asked, forcing the girls to relive some pleasure through a kiss. After both girls are blindfolded and gagged, Zoey is forced to [...]

2018-03-07T18:07:12-05:00August 21st, 2013|Categories: Commissions|Tags: |12 Comments

Vidayen’s Psychotic Vixen & Mirian

New stuff for today for Vidayen again. This one was basically a surprise for him. One of the earlier commissions I got from him featured his character Psychotic Vixen, so I thought of doing a updated version of her paired with a more recent character I've made in Mirian. And some guy. :P Vixen is [...]

2018-03-07T18:07:13-05:00August 19th, 2013|Categories: Commissions|Comments Off on Vidayen’s Psychotic Vixen & Mirian

Draygon’s Gladri and Tira

Some commission stuff for Draygon today. This feature his character Gladri and Tira. There's a distinct difference between the two: Tira being the shorter of the two with a more playful personality and Gladri being the taller one with an edge on her. But no matter the difference, they both agree that a good fuck [...]

2018-03-07T18:07:14-05:00August 14th, 2013|Categories: Commissions|8 Comments
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