Blossom & Lana Commission

I had something else I planned on posting for today (well, yesterday). But considering how behind it is, I'll move this one up for today. This one was commissioned by Doboy featuring his girl Blossom interacting the one and only Lana. The girls and one lucky gentleman are having themselves a bubble bath party, just [...]

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Lana and Lara + Lana Loves The Fans Winners!

I got some stuff to announce, but first a commission I did for Ferd Liwinag. It features our beloved Lana with the video game heroine Lara Croft. To me, I find this strange because I've never done Lara before. But to pair her with Lana was just the kick I needed to do it. :) [...]

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The Job Interview Pt. 2

Continuing from last week, here's the second and final part of The Job Interview. After the "Can't Refuse" offer, Jenny continues her services with the use of her mouth, tits and ass. Her ass is incredibly too tight for him, causing him to pull out early and letting her deepthroat his cock. Before her interview [...]

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Art from Carmessi & T2Death

Well, that thing got resolved quickly and fast. So I'm not upset about it. Especially since I have art from artists to post up! :) The first one is part of an art trade with Carmessi (my end will be up later) featuring my girl with Evollusionist's Lir, who I got permission for this and [...]

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Lana Loves Preview: FUTA!

So something  important happened right before I was about to pose this, but since I promised you guys a preview, I'll wait on talking about it tomorrow (and hopefully it will be resolved by then). But in the meantime, it's time for preview! You guys and gals voted on what you wanted to see. Well, [...]

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