It's been about two and a half months since I started working on Zoey. Since then, I've feel in love with the character than previously. But like with Cindy, it's time for me to move on. Okay, that's a lie. I'm not going to stop using the character for a while since I have another [...]

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Zoey by NinjaKitty

New item for today. I commissioned a 1-2-3 square from NinjaKitty, who is just an awesome artist that you should definitely check out. I went with a 1-2-3 square featuring Zoey, who undertaking a jizz bath from various cock and one fancy dildo (oh Wangsworth, how I appreciate your sense of fashion :D). I really [...]

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Next In Line by Incase

New stuff for today. Remember how I said I commissioned a second pic from Incase? Well, it's here and this time, it features someone other than Lana (shocking, I know)! Zoey gets a shot at being drawn and Incase does not disappoint (has he ever? Hmm...). The depraved little thing that she is has opened [...]

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It’s Like She’s Looking at Herself

New stuff for today. I've been keeping busy, trying to complete commissions (most of which I'll post on DA because they're pretty PG) and work for Affect3D (which btw I'll have some more details about it on this site very soon). But I still have some stuff for you to enjoy. Here's two pics featuring [...]

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