Fyre’s Wild Night

Pretty big update for today. Churchill had commissioned a set featuring his character Fyre Melons doing what she does best (outside of saving people): Fucking! We have 5 pics for today featuring her getting her sex on. We start off with a blowjob scene, but with a twist. With a monster like that, Fyre can't [...]

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Aimee Penjiskia Commission + StickyMon!

New stuff for today. First up is a commission for Nipponjet featuring their character Aimee Penjiskia. Sporting denim short shorts and a bikini, Aimee has a certain shyness to her. With her bright blond hair and her incredibly busty chest, she can't help but wonder what's behind those eyes. Enjoy! I also have a pic [...]

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Cindy The Test Subject Pt. 2

Did some more testing of Lali's Bits on Cindy. Isn't she just a great volunteer? :D Anyway, I tested out the capabilities of her lower half and I must say I'm extremely impressed. Most gens are normally for show or if you can use them for penetration, they couldn't be stretched very far or they [...]

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Spellbinder Commission

Well my short hiatus is done for. Now back to posting! (sadly no visible nudity today :() Got a couple of things for today. First off is a commission done for Mijj featuring their character Spellbinder taking a stroll across the beach in a sexy bikini. This one was a lot of fun as I [...]

2019-01-21T23:16:10-05:00January 14th, 2013|Categories: Commissions, Other Artwork|4 Comments
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