Krissy & Lana Nipple Play

New stuff for today. I was gonna post this up yesterday, but erm, Borderlands 2. Yeah. :D Anyway, Ferd Liwanag wanted to see more Krissy and Lana doing a little nipple play. The girls are having fun as they lick the other's nipples. The sound of their tongue hitting the tit turns them on as [...]

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Cummunal Cleaning

So remember a month ago where DirtyMonkey did a pic of Lana being anally fucked and cummed all over. Of course you do. :) Anyway, we have the sequel of that pic. After the fuckfest, Lana is drenched in cum from head to toe. She's a mess and needs some cleaning up. Luckily, her two [...]

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Updates Everywhere

Couple of new stuff for today, though they're spread out everywhere. So let's start with here first. I have a commission done for SpiderKisser of his character Angelique. There's two pics, each one showing a different side of her (her front and back :P). Let's just say that a vampire girl with nipple piercings holding [...]

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Mirian and Supergirl Commissions

Double update today (or triple depending on how you look at it). Both are pretty tame, so I putting them together. First up is Vidayen's character Mirian in a classic pin-up pose. She keeps a nice classy look in her lingerie with her eyes looking elsewhere. Maybe she has other thoughts in her head. Next [...]

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Krissy & Lana Making Out

Got a new pic for today. I was gonna post this yesterday, but after what happened on Raw, I was not in the mood to (Get well Jerry). Anyway, SergeantBuck wanted to see his girl Krissy and my girl Lana have a little make out session. Possibly a start to something else. ;) Anyway enjoy! [...]

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Jessica-Nicole and Lana Together Again

Got an update for ya. A few months ago, Maragriz had commissioned a couple of pics featuring his character Jessica-Nicole and my girl Lana that ended with a cliffhanger. But we got another pic between the three as both girls begin to pleasure the 17 inch monster in front. There have been changes made since [...]

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Lick Them Dry Pt. 3

Here's the last part of the nipple licking trio from Ferd Liwanag.It's Lana's turn to get her tits cleaned by the girl's tongues. Krissy and Cindy continues to play with Lana's nipple, even teasing her by rubbing her clit and fingering her ass. Lana feels completely sensitive as her body vibrates from the pleasure. She [...]

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Lick Them Dry Pt. 2

Continuing the commissioned series for Ferd Liwanag, it's now Krissy's turn as Lana and Cindy work together on Krissy's tits. They each lick one of her sweet succulent nipples. Their continual flicking of their tongue hits Krissy strongly as she quivers from the excitement. As it continues to build, she screams at the top of [...]

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Lick Them Dry Pt. 1

New pic commissioned by Ferd Liwanag, who wanted to see some HLA with three of the I3D girls. Lana and Krissy are having a little fun with Cindy, licking her nipples and playing with her pussy. She can only imagine what the girls are thinking as they continue to move their tongue up and down [...]

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