Thank Yous and New Pics!

First off, I want to say thank you to all of you who have taken the time to check out the newly designed site. The responses have been positive and I'm glad I've made the right decision for the site and with Lana. Lana's new look has been positive. People have noticed she has a [...]

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Welcome to the All-New Intrigue 3D!

That's right, my friends. After toiling all weekend, I've finally finished the new layout. It took a long ass time to complete with new features and stuff I had to re-learned. But it's gonna be worth it as this will be the new look of the site. Well, what do you think? Actually, before we [...]

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Krissy & Lana Commissions

3 new pics for today featuring SergeantBuck's Krissy and my girl Lana. They first do a little fore play as Lana spanks Krissy's ass. Then comes the double-ended dildo as Krissy takes the lead on this exchange. Hmm don't they go together so well? :D I love to see more of them, which you will [...]

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