Kiara’s Debut Preview Update

I've got another preview of Kiara's Debut up now. This update is only 5 images (the other updates will be around the same amount), but I believe that will be the most important update I make yet. Like before, the previews are 1280x720. The comic will be 1920x1080 when it's released on Aug. 9th. Enjoy! [...]

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Kiara’s Debut Preview + Updates!!!

Finally! After a long week, I have the preview for Kiara's Debut (that's the title!). To start things off, we'll get to know a little about Kiara and also get some top nudity. Not much is going on here, but you'll definitely want to read between the lines. ;) Click here to see the preview or [...]

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Lana Liberty

New stuff for today. I wanted to post a Kiara update today, but I didn't have time to clean up the original scenes. I'll spend sometime tomorrow working on them and posting up the short preview. Anyway, here's some Lana Liberty for ya. Enjoy!

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Asses Galore!

Clever title, eh? :D Anyway, this one was commissioned by Silver who wanted to see three of Intrigue3D's girls (Lana, Krissy and Fyre) posing and showing off their asses. I did several versions including a zoomed in version and an oily version. Enjoy! Also, here's something I posted on the tumblr a couple of weeks [...]

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Meet Kiara

It's time to say hello to the newest addition to Intrigue3D. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kiara. Kiara found herself at a crossroad, trying to figure out what career path she should take: Either a mundane safe job or something exciting. She wasn't one to take risks so easily, but if there's a better time to [...]

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Black Box

New stuff for today. Well, sorta new. I worked on this pic back when I had a single graphics cards. So this one took longer than it would on my current rig (Two GTX 780s!). I did some testing on Justine using SSS settings in Octane. I think she turned out better than I anticipated. [...]

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Sabrith & Tayelle Commission

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Sabrith Ebonclaw featuring their character Sabrith (Red hair) & Tayelle (Pink hair). Tayelle has created a new potion, but needs a test subject to see what the effects are. Sabrith volunteers to try it out, not knowing what it will do to her. After some hesitation, [...]

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Lana’s Prepwork By DirtyMonkey

New stuff for today. I commissioned DirtyMonkey (a personal fave) two pics featuring Lana and how she prepares herself. She first gets her big purple dildo, the one that closely matches Adrian's thickness. After lubing it up, she begins penetrating her ass with it. With each movement, she moans with excitement. After a while, she's [...]

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Happy Fourth y'all! Enjoy!

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