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Do you want a 3D version of your character? Do you want them in different scenarios, from fantasy to erotic? Then you're in luck! We're available for commissions with prices starting at $15!
Are you a 3DX aficionado? Then take the time to visit our sister site Affect3D. View the newest works from Miro featuring his own array of girls. Find And check out the forum to talk with other fans of the genre.
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Welcome to Intrigue 3D

Immerse yourself into the world of 3DX

Welcome to Intrigue 3D, one of the premier 3D sites featuring some of the most sensual and erotic 3D works out there. Meet the newest girl to emerge from the genre Lana, a girl who wants to show the world a new side in 3DX erotica. With her leading the pack, take a journey with Lana and her friends as you embark in all of their wild escapades.
Do you wanna learn more about the girls here? Then take the time to meet the cast that comprise the site. Here, you can learn more about our Lana and all of her very sexy friends. Find out more about each of them and learn what turns them on.
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From sensual pin-ups to more hardcore scenarios, come over to the gallery to see what our girls do best. Also check out client's works, works featuring the girls from various artists, and older stuff to see how far we've come.
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