A Halloween Treat

Well, the spookiest holiday of the year is here  as it's Halloween today. That's probably why Lana was so excited to show off her witch costume. She put on quite a spell on me as her outfit reveals a lot more than you'd imagine. Not only that, but she even got herself a nice juicy [...]

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Lana Relaxing by DirtyMonkey

Another pic from one of my favorite artists, DirtyMonkey. This time we're gonna keep it casual as Lana is laying down on her bed reading a book. I requested a non-sex pic from DM because well, Lana does need a break from that :P Even so, a good book can be sexy as long you're [...]

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Krissy In Bikini

I'm a bit under the weather this week, but I got some new stuff for today. We got SergeantBuck's Krissy in a one-piece bikini, showing off some cleavage and some booty. SergeantBuck wanted to see Krissy rockin' one after seeing Lana sporting her own. Yeah, Summer's done. But who cares when you can see hot [...]

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Carl, Sarah and Veronica Commission

New commission for today. This one is for Sneedham featuring his character Sarah (blonde), Veronica (dark hair), and Carl.  In this scene, Sarah has been toying around with Carl, rubbing his massive cock for hours and hours. Carl can't do anything to stop her as his arms are tied behind his back. The precum drips [...]

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Weekend at Krissy & Cindy’s

Got some new stuff for the next week. To start things off, I got this set done commissioned by Ferd Liwinag, who wanted to see tongue and nipple action between the girls. This time, Krissy & Cindy are up to the task with Lana watching at the sidelines (sorry babe). Cindy pushes Krissy's huge breasts, [...]

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New Justine + Some Lana

Sorry for the lack of updates,  here's a new pic and a few others for today. With the next WWE game coming out (the series that helped spawn her), I felt doing a new one for her. I haven't done Justine in a while and shame on me for that! She's one of my first [...]

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Cum On Purgy

New commission for today for PurgatoryBrandon, who wanted a commission of his OC Purgy being surrounded by a wall of cocks and getting cummed all over (similar to the Sponty one from a few months back). She holds onto to two jugs filled with cum, demanding more from her horny guests. To keep them (and [...]

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Lana Set Preview

Sorry about the one week excursion. I just couldn't say no to Borderlands 2. One minute you're shooting robots or bandits, the next your mind is blown away because of the story. It's just a fun game, but I digress. Let's talk Lana! I announced the title back in last June and progress has been...slow. [...]

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