Adam & Lana Commission + Patreon Preview

June 23rd, 2015|

You might be wondering why I haven’t been updating the site for a while. Simply put, I’ve been sick. I started about a week ago when I had this strange taste in my mouth. I thought it was nothing and would go away, but it ended up getting worse because by Saturday night, I was […]

Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress NOW AVAILABLE!

June 13th, 2015|

Lana Liberty is here to save the day! In the all-new Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress, join our favorite girl Lana with her friends Krissy as the dreaded Mistress and Adrian as Lana’s sidekick Long Boy as she partakes in a superhero porn movie shoot! After being captured by The Mistress, Lana Liberty is forced […]

Lana’s Dream By Devil-HS

June 4th, 2015|

It’s some new stuff from Devil-HS featuring Lana. Lana has a wild imagination. She dreamed she was surrounded by several cocks lusting over her body. The cocks were huge, pulsating, and dripping with precum. They wanted to fuck her. Lana was ecstatic about being the center of attention as the cocks began to fuck her […]

Some Art From PrivatePomegranate

May 29th, 2015|

I’ve got some new artwork from PrivatePomegranate, who held another sketch day earlier this week. I ended up getting three pics of three different characters: Lana, Zoey and Justine. I really love how these turned out. Lana’s ass looks phenomenal. Zoey’s sluttiness is great. And Justine, honestly, I really love this image a lot. It’s […]

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Coming Next Month: Lana Liberty!

May 23rd, 2015|

I’ve already told my patreon supporters about it, but I wanted to make this official. There will be a new title featuring Lana as her superhero alter-ego Lana Liberty. At this time, the working title is “Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress” and will also feature Krissy as the role of The Mistress and Adrian as […]

Good Morning

May 18th, 2015|

Bit of a continuation from the last update. This time, Lana is joined by her friend Adrian for a little anal fucking. After looking at the beautiful sunrise, Lana had a good vibe and wanted to share it with everyone. Sadly, Lana is unable to do that, but she is able to share it with […]

Lana Wallpaper

May 14th, 2015|

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy working on the next title (more on that later). Anyway, we have a new update though and it’s a wallpaper. This one features Lana in the nude looking through the window of her bedroom. A simple scene where Lana take a moment to relax and take […]

Welcome Back! (I Missed You Guys)

April 11th, 2015|

Welcomes back to the all-new Intrigue 3D! It took a little longer than expected, but we’re back baby! Not only do we have a spiffy new layout (courtesy of IDS Adult), there’s also many new features/changes on the site. Here’s a few:

Responsive and Quick-Loading!
This site is now responsive, meaning mobile users will be able to […]

Lana & Zoey Commission

March 15th, 2015|

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Versalsen and is based off a pic I did a few months back exclusively for my Patreon backers. It features Lana and Zoey engaging in his public sex. The only thing is Zoey used her magical cock growing formula (she’s gotten smarter about how to use […]

Group Photo

March 2nd, 2015|

New stuff for today. Something I worked on for fun. It’s a group photo featuring some of your favorite Intrigue 3D girls (from left to right): Cindy, Kiara, Lana, Krissy and Zoey. There’s also a futa version, but that’s one only available to Patreon followers. So if you wanna check that out and more content, […]