Art By VallZed

September 9th, 2016|

I recently commissioned some artwork from VallZed featuring Lana (mostly) and Krissy. The first pic is a simple pinup of Lana. She’s bent over and extremely horny, waiting for you to give her the D to her A. :D The second pic is Lana getting it doggy style. Lana’s ass is stretched as Adrian’s huge […]

At The Beach

August 15th, 2016|

I did a 4-part series featuring a few of the girls hanging out at the beach one day and their experiences, each slightly different from the others. For starters, Rylee just wants a quiet day where she can rest her body. At a nude beach, of course. Only problem is Rylee’s massive cock is out […]

Group Photo 2016

July 17th, 2016|

Sorry about the lack of updates. I’ve been working on something, which I’ll announce this week (probably tomorrow). Anyway, I took the time to do a summer group photo featuring the cast of Intrigue3D. Lana, Krissy, Zoey, Rylee, Kiara, Alexis, Justine and even Adrian all partake in a quick photo. Hope you enjoy!

Bikini Party Summer

July 4th, 2016|

I hope everyone’s enjoying their 4th of July weekend. Got a few things I need to post as I did earlier this year, but never got around to posting them. They’re sorta outdated now since I’ve made fixes and tweaks to Lana, Krissy and even Adrian since then. But I thought you would enjoy it. […]

Spacegirl Krissy

June 10th, 2016|

While I work on finishing up Zoey & Friends, I’ve got something done a while ago. Sgt. Buck commissioned a mini pinup set featuring his busty heroine Krissy, this time in space! With her spacesuit featuring a cleavage window, Spacegirl Krissy is ready for battle. But who would wanna fight in this kind of atmosphere? […]

Krissy’s Footjob

May 13th, 2016|

This one was commissioned by Laris194 and features the previous version of Krissy (probably the last time we’ll see her) giving one lucky fellow a ol’ fashioned foot massage. Krissy rubs her feet across Johnny’s cock, teasing him in different ways in order to arouse him even further. With the sole of her foot right […]

Some Krissy & Lana

April 22nd, 2016|

It’s been about two weeks and the sales for Krissy & The Minotaur (still available at Affect3D Store!) have been good, so it’s time to get back to work. Well actually, I’ve been working on some stuff including some commissions. In the meantime, I’ve got a few renders of Krissy & Lana. There’s four pics […]

Coming Soon: Krissy & The Minotaur

April 3rd, 2016|

Sorry about the lack of updates again. Ended up being ill again. Hopefully it doesn’t become a recurring thing. Anyway, got some exciting news: At the end of this week (so Saturday), I’ll be releasing my next set Krissy & The Minotaur!

Quick synopsis: In her quest for the legendary weapon, Krissy finds herself face to […]

The New Krissy + Announcement!

March 14th, 2016|

Time to reveal the redesign of Krissy! Like Lana, some of the changes were made to better accommodate the new model while some of them were to revamp the character and give her a completely different feel. This time I consulted with Krissy’s creator Sgt. Buck on these changes.

One of the bigger changes made were […]

Where The Fuck Was I?

February 19th, 2016|

I know some of you are thinking “Where’s Supro? Why hasn’t he updated in two weeks? Is he okay? Is he dead? I hope he’s not dead. But man, I’m so angry at him. Why hasn’t he updated yet? Where’s the new Lana?! He’s cockteasing me! I hate him! I hate him so much!!!” First […]