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  1. SergeantBuck says:

    Lana…why must you be so deliciously sexy? :D

  2. Hey man just found your site and wow the artwork is really good. it’s hard to choose which girl i like more but so far lana is the best in my opinion

  3. Lana is just too damn cute, beautifull and sexy ! I really love the halloween dress !! Can’t wait to see if she’ll get some christmas costume !

    You did a really great job !

  4. Not Xmas outfit for lana ? :p

  5. Random Name says:

    You ever think about making videos with your girls?

    Lana would be BRILLIANT!!!

  6. Jayson619 says:

    I hope I can see her do vaginal sex than anal soon.

  7. Hey, I was wondering if you have any plans to do image series akin to Mouthful for Lana? Even if it wasn’t free, I think it would be great success. According to her bio she loves anal, so that would be one idea :p

    I would personaly love to see her getting it from Cindy using strapon.

  8. I think the supro is hotter than all these 3d babes. Just look at her face pic @ affect 3d shes so beautiful. That’s why I came here,to see more of her, to the supro: I think you should do a bio on your page, you are hot, your fan,Bob.

  9. I own the Lana loves set it’s a shame that not all of these pictures made it in there, there is a few pictures above that i would of loved in higher resolutions :O

  10. Steven lion says:

    what software do you use to create that ???

  11. Hey, mate! May I know the measurements of Lana, please? thx.

  12. Damn she hot. Just love that ass would love to see her bent over

  13. for you what’s the hards part of her body to create?

  14. paradigmZero says:

    Possibly favorite model, tell “Lana” she is going “places”. Nice mate, bloody brilliant

  15. How is the video coming along? Anything soon? Thanks!

  16. ikilledgrandpa says:

    Any upcoming sets with Lana in the near future possibry? :D

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