A Mouthful For Lana

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  1. stumpinaut says:

    you’re a definitely a talented man (at least I think you are). can’t wait to see more.

  2. Nice work ^^ Though I think you meant “on the back of my HEAD” xD

  3. Really like where this is going. Will you try to rival miro’s work in the size department? :D I think some of your futa works have an evel larger package than miro’s Sayako.

  4. Nevorick says:

    It’s looking great. Can’t wait to see more of Lana in this series!

  5. pflernak says:

    Images 11 and 13 seem to be duplicates. At least I fail to see the difference in the images and texts (aside from the page numbers in the bottom corner).

    Might she (we) be missing out on a good mouthful?

  6. tghseirley says:


  7. CyCaDeLiC says:

    Oh yea, I’m all for finishing the mission! You’re so close girl!

    On a side note: This is the first time I checked in – not on the site but on the gallery – really impressed, such hot work, keep it up!

  8. Heh, wasn’t ready for the snake tongue – loved it. How about she grabs his ass and finishes the thing? Maybe tongueing the balls in the end? :)

  9. You draw such gorgeous gals.

    Beautiful, feminine, perfect breasted, beauties – taking huge dicks.

  10. King Kubar says:

    This entire series is just great. A little repetitive at some points, but overall I love it. Wish I new about the poll before so I could have made my voice heard, but still I like how this came out.

  11. Bubble76 says:

    I love pages 29, 31!

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Don’t put down the glasses!!!!

  13. I know this is showing off my nerdness, but…. it’s Conrad Verner! ;)

  14. Nice work! Im amazed how well it looks.

    What penis model is that and did you make the textures yourself? And what programs do you use to make the renders? And do you do any editing in photoshop once the renders is done?

    • Thanks!

      I use Satanica Inc’s M3 gens for the model and Jepes for the textures. For the program, I use Daz Studio for posing and Luxrender for the renderer. With photoshop, I do some minor fixes but the render is mostly the final product.

  15. Absolutely incredible work …. very hot. Nice ending. Only noticed 2 small typos page 32.

    ( add ‘ed’ to suck, and ‘it’ after lift )

    • Bah. Can’t be perfect all the time. :P Probably didn’t help that I was working on this until around 8 AM in the morning. But thanks for letting me know.

  16. Fantastic work!!! Lana is very sexy(i like her very much in her leather suit).The guy with his huge cock is incredible too(texture of the cock are perfect).
    I hope to see a new serie with Lana where you concentrate your work on her round ass.Yes a new anal serie with Lana would be awesome.

  17. lana lover says:

    oh god please please please do more. this is unreal, hottest cg ever. Could you do one like this but with Lara Croft?? POV Bj with titfucks!???

    Amazing work

    • I can’t make guarantee of it at this, but never say never. ;)

      • lana lover says:

        At least do more of Lana like this?? POV and bj and titfucks are so damn sexy with her.

        I’ll donate through paypal if you do lara croft ones in this style. Keep same character as Lana even, just give her brown braid, brown eyes, and very slight breast reduction and with tomb raider costume.

        Can you disclose some info in how you do these, i want to start doing similar stuff. Do you use Daz? What model is Lana or did you Zbrush her? Would appreciate reply, we may do collab down the road. never say never ;)

        • Donate you say? Hmm I might have to consider that. :D

          I used the V4 model. I did some touch-ups of her in Zbrush after this series.

  18. lana lover says:

    Oh, have you got renders but without the text boxes too???? That would be awesome :D once of the best sex cgi artists out there for sure.

  19. lana lover says:

    Speaking of Lana and Lara. I did some renders using Angel V4 for Daz a while back and put her together with a pic of Lana.


    Pretty hot duo! You like?

  20. Wait, where can I see the gif version?

  21. very nice

  22. Please make more. ive seen many comics and this one is my favorite. i like the breast size and cock size and dialogue and just rele good.

  23. PointMan says:

    The dialogue itself is just enough to give me the “attention” I need. :D

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