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  1. stumpinaut says:

    she’s like a super hero: punk girl becomes…

    • stumpinaut says:

      spunk girl

      • She’d get my spunk after I stretched out her ass like in pic #4. Love her expression. More like this, please.

      • Zoey is fucking terrific.
        She’s fantastically proportioned, her tattoos are well designed and positioned, I love her collar and her basic introduction image is full of personality.
        She looks insolent and daring, 110% sure just how arousing the the viewer finds her.
        Zoey’s also very distinct, which is no mean feat. Her facial features and freckling and hair make her stand quite nicely out from the waves of blonde-and-bland clones.

        All that said, MORE Zoey! Her facial expression in image 4 is incredibly hot; even if she was created just yesterday she’s clearly overdue to get her sassy brains fucked out until she’s a quivering, sticky pile of sweaty flesh on the bed/floor/concrete/hay.

        • Yeah, I’ve been meaning to do more pics of her. Though, time is mainly the factor. I expect to get more of her done in the next few months. SOmething more in vain with the fourth one (lots of rough fucking!). :)

          • High speed, can’t wait.
            Rough is definitely a thing desired.
            One request though: mutual pleasure. The whole “terrified and agonized cock-puppet” thing is really over-represented.
            Regardless, thanks for the reply and just can’t wait! =]

            • This I agree with. I won’t do any scenarios with my girl where they’re mistreated or raped. Anything I show with my girls is consensual. Everything Zoey’s been doing is by her own accord.
              Now, commissioned characters is a different story. But even so, I like to think the girls agreed to it in advance because of the implications. :D

              • DarkSSJShinji says:

                Man, Zoey looks so awesomely sexy! It would more awesome if you included her in several “lesbian only” scenes with some of the other girls, as I have not seen her in one yet. Also, there also seems to be a lack of Sugar & Spice, so maybe you could bring them back and make it a threesome? =D

                • Thanks! I’ll definitely have to consider more lesbian only pics with her. I haven’t used her enough as it is, but more couldn’t hurt. :D
                  Sugar & Spice is more of a seasonal thing, though I dunno how long I’ll keep them going forward.

                  • DarkSSJShinji says:

                    Ah, I see. Oh well, guess their future will forever be a mystery. lol

                    Anyway, I’ll be looking forward to those future Zoey lesbian scenes. Maybe have her in a twosome, which will gradually turn into a threesome/foursome, hell maybe all five girls in a fivesome! XD

  2. I think Zoey has the best looking pussy on I3D :)

  3. PoisonousQuill says:

    Is it possible for u to ever make a photo of her in a bikini? I would love to have a really bad ass non nude photo of her

  4. Please make more of Zooey with girl on guy pics and please do zoey in a threesome with two guys and dp

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