The Girls


Full Name: Lana ???
Height: 5’9″
Profession: Adult Actress/Writer
Personality: Seductive and Playful
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Level: Hardcore
Fetishes: Huge boobs, Huge cocks, Anal, Feet
About Her: Lana was a bonafide starlet in the porn industry. From her huge boob and round ass, she was able to generate a huge buzz using her seductive voice and face to drive the guys crazy. It wasn’t until recently that she began to start her own venture Intrigue 3D. With many years of experience and the creation of many friendships along the way, Lana produced a site that provides both sensual and erotic works for the masses. Outside of pornography, Lana’s main hobby is writing, using her various tools to illustrate different scenarios in words.
Quote: “Are you intrigued?”


Full Name: Justine Bailey
Height: 5’3″
Profession: Slacker
Personality: Fun Loving
Sexuality: Straight (though she tries the other way)
Level: Softcore
Fetishes: I could explain it to you, but it’s so completely awkward and long that I prefer not to
About Her: Justine considers herself to be awesome. Whether it’s walking down the street or doing any job, she provide her unique style to it. Her personality is what causes her to have many friends as they love her attitude towards everything. It came to be no surprise when she proposed to be part of Intrigue 3D. With her sexy look and her happy-go-lucky spirit, this little firecracker is a can’t miss.
Quote: “Blah blah blah blah. Random quote me.”


Full Name: Cindy Elmore
Height: 5’5″
Profession: Wanna-be Porn Star
Personality: Clingy/Horny
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Fetishes: Anal, Toys, Spanking, Public Masturbation
Level: Hardcore
About Her: After watching her first porn movie at 15, Cindy fell in love with it and the porn star she first saw: Lana (bet you didn’t see that)! From then on, Cindy made it her mission to be like her idol. She began to masturbate and fuck frequently to the point it came the only thing she ever did in her free time. By the time she was 18, she moved away from her family and headed off to meet Lana, hoping to join her in the world of hardcore. Since then, Cindy has constantly by Lana’s side (even if she doesn’t want her there) and getting to live her dream.
Quote: “I love Lana!”


Full Name: Zoey Ramona Ambrose
Height: 5’5″
Profession: Unknown
Personality: Punk/Hardcore
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Level: Hardcore
Fetishes: Huge cocks, Piercings, Tattoos, BDSM, Contortionism
About Her: Zoey Ambrose considers herself different from the rest. Coming out of the punk scene, Zoey began to find herself in love with the strange and bizarre. As she explored deeper, she found herself in the BDSM scene. The masochist role became a huge turn-on for as she realized she loves being submissive to someone else. Zoey’s early days in acrobatic training gives her an edge against the other girls, allowing her to contort her body in unnatural ways.
Quote: “Tie me. Gag me. Fuck me. Do whatever you want to me.”


Full Name: Kristina Elizabeth Jasso
Height: 5’10”
Profession: Amateur adult actress/Tattoo artist
Personality: Fun-loving and hard to get
Sexuality: Bisexual
Level: Hardcore
Fetishes: Huge breasts, Assplay
About Her: A rebel since high school, Krissy has been described as a delinquent by her family and a party animal by her friends. Krissy started making a living by becoming a self taught tattoo-artist and a porn starlet. Thanks to her frequent partying habits, she has developed an unusually high tolerance for strong alcohol that gives her the edge over most. Socially, she is very outgoing, will flirt with almost anyone, and isn’t afraid to hit on ladies. Her friendship with Lana is proof of that, providing her a new outlet on Intrigue 3D to show off her erotic ways.
Quote: “Sit down, shut up, and enjoy the ride!”


Full Name: Fyrona Caroline aka Fyre Melons
Height: 6’3”
Professions: Super-Hero/Porn Star/Erotic Artist/Stripper/Philosopher
Personality: Sexual yet Virtuous
Sexuality: Bi-sexual
Level: Hard-core
Fetishes: Huge Cocks, Huge Boobs, Sex Magic, Cumplay
About Her: Fyre’s a fiery and psychic empowered Super-Human buxom Sex-Goddess with multiple dimensions; Including an extremely erotic one. She’s on a mission to make sexuality the world over be expression without embarrassment, pleasure without problems, and love without loss. Fyre gives a fuck, lots of fucks. The down-to-earth, sex-loving, insatiably horny, sexually super-powered, salacious red-head practices what she preaches, both in her balanced personal life, and her wonderfully explicit porn life.
Quote: “I’m a Lady on the street, but a Freak in the bed.”


Full Name:  Lir(Lee-R) Nuvay
Height: 6′
Profession: Demon Hunter
Personality: Courageous, Self-less, Seductive and Playful
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Level: Hardcore
Fetishes: BDSM, Toys, Anal, Oral
About Her: When she was young, Lir’s parents were killed by demons. After that day, she decided to take up hunting them as a profession. She has dedicated a large portion of her life hunting and eliminating evil. However, Lir is not all about her work. She likes to get down and fun like any other girl.
Quote: “not the best but getting there.”

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