That’s right! It’s now available for purchase on the Affect3D Store starting today for only $12.95!

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Due to some…issues, Zoey has to wear a chastity belt (what a travesty!), but she’s too horny to stay that way. She tries to convince the keyholder to set her free and she will do anything to get it. But there’s someone else that’s keeping her from getting her freedom…

ZFGO contains a 61-page comic, plus an additional 22 images AND a textless of the story.

Zoey Gets Fucked (Over) On Affect3D Store

Lana Loves on Affect3D Store

Affect3D’s BMT Micro Store

(Shilling is done) Seriously, I appreciate you guys for supporting me and I hope you guys love ZGFO. If this one does well, you can expect to see more of Zoey in the future. Again, thank you!

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