New set for today that should hold you off for the next….3 days. :D Anyway, Kershner wanted a set featuring the character Æon Flux with some creative touches added. There’s 6 pics overall featuring Æon striking a pose, showing off her pair, getting an extra appendage and finding so much pleasure from it (plus a cumshot!). Futa haters, you can skip the last three. But otherwise, enjoy!

For those who are commissioning me, I’ve currently got a reserve list going. So if you wanna get one and you can wait a bit, then contact me. I’m trying to finish the current list as quickly as possible as I got some bad news that might affect the site in a few weeks. So keep sending your orders if you’re interested!

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18 Responses to “Æon Flux Commission Set”

  1. crikey! she’s a beauty!!

  2. Very nice work. The face on this girl is quite a bit different than your usual fare.

  3. The Aeon that I knew was a little thinner n_n, but is still a sexy render, congratulations :)

    • She also had torpedo boobs too. :D I wanted to keep a more realistic look than the stylized one in the cartoon. Though, I’m happy about how well she turned out (especially the hair).

  4. SergeantBuck says:

    Oooh! This, I like!

  5. uchuujinx says:

    Really liking her expression in the first futa picture. It’s like “oh wow look at that thing”. Good job as usual.

  6. Thanks for the futa warning, those things are “popping up” everywhere these days :D

  7. that’s the first time I see futa-girl on your blog, unless I’m mistaken. looks good,eventhough I’m not actually futafanatic.

    • There are some futa stuff on the site, but it’s rare not because I don’t like to do them. But because of time constraints. I’d like to take on more futa girls in the future. Anyway thanks!