Krissy’s resident owner SergeantBuck sent me some artwork featuring his girl getting down and dirty with a bunch of guys. Krissy likes the company of men (and women!), so it shouldn’t be a surprise that she’ll participate in a little group activity. As many of the guys surround her with their cock fully erect, she fucks every single one of them in every way imaginable until they’re completely dry. Thanks to SergeantBuck for this and to the artist SpeedyHimura. Definitely check out his artwork. If you don’t, my girls will be sad. And you don’t want that. Enjoy!

Don’t forget! Commissions open tomorrow! Some of you have tried to reserve your spots early, but I’m not letting that slide. Everyone’s on equal ground until I announce it. So stay tuned!



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3 Responses to “Krissy’s Orgy”

  1. I don’t understand some details in this pic – look, the black cock on the right side looks like it is INSIDE her nipple. WTF???? Cause the head of this cock isn’t pictured, so it really supposed to be inside a nipple. But how is it possible?
    Overall, pic is good, but sorry – Krissy looks fat.

    • SergeantBuck says:

      The nipple penetration is intended. And Speedy prefers to draw his girls on a slighty pudgy side. Makes them look more huggable, IMO.

      • D’awww. Not only does it does make them more huggable, but there’s more of her to love (and rub your cock on :D).