To cap off Krissy & Lana’s weekend (sorry about the delay in posting this :p), here’s a commission for Ferd Liwanag (who previously commissioned the Cindy & Lana pics) featuring the girls licking the other’s nipple while pleasuring themselves. Krissy & Lana love the feel of the other’s tongue as they lick the other’s tit. This small sensation gives them immense pleasure, with their fingers in their pussy only adding to that feeling. Anyway, enjoy the two alternate angles for this pic!

Later this week, I’ll be giving out details about the new set. Stay tuned!

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15 Responses to “Krissy & Lana Titty 69”

  1. SergeantBuck says:

    New set?! BUENO.

    • SergeantBuck says:

      And before I forget…Krissy and Lana compliment each other so very well! :D

      • I agree. They seem to be opposite in some ways, yet have some similarities in their personality (and their body curvature :D).

  2. Zirusete says:

    Ok, you have done it this time Supro. Now you are a set away from being definitively a 3D god.
    That set being these two curvy and extremely hot ladies.

  3. Cool renders as usual Supro, you’re kinda spolin’ us with this quality stuff! Were those poses came from? Krissy looks very well from above like that!

    • The guy who commissioned them wanted to see some titty licking action, so I had to construct the poses. Was fun. :) And thanks!

  4. Great pics as always (and no chance to doubt it). The only thing that upset me a bit is the fact that Krissy’s main “treasure chest” is not exposed…cause she lies on it. I trully think she has the best derierre in modern 3D.

  5. And this is undoubtedly the hottest tandem in 3D right now – much hotter than Lana\Cindy or Sugar\Spice. IMO may be tandem Tara\Ayako could be compared to your 2 girls…Plus Zzomp’s Tihanna is megahot and Blackadder’s Gisella is as well. That’s my toplist.

  6. Tehe… Love them two =)

    Say did you remove the star voting system ? I thought it was interesting…