Got a new one for today. Maelora wanted to see three of my girls in a gangbang with 6 black men. We have Cindy on the left, Lana in the center (as always :D), and Alexis (she’s over on DA) on the right getting fucked from behind while giving some head. If you’re wondering why I’m using the old Lana here, I had been working on this commission a few months back and it only got finished sometime last week due to some response delays. So that’s why it’s the classic version.

I had people asking me about doing some interracial stuff (especially with Lana), so hopefully this will satisfy you fans until the next time I do one. Hopefully, the wait won’t be too long. :D Also, this was also the first time I had done 9 full modeled characters in one scene. 9! It’s a personal record and maybe one day, I’ll break it. Anyway, enjoy!

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13 Responses to “Interracial Gangbang Commission”

  1. jaykersh says:

    Great pic, Supro. The girls and the dudes all look amazing. I’m looking forward to you beating your gangbang record. Cindy looks like she can barely concentrate from all the pleasure.

  2. Wow an interracial gangbang with Lana and even Cindy, looks like Christmas came early this year lol.

  3. jailon thomas says:

    OOOH! can I be one of those black guy?! :D yeh because I’m black.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pretty cool orgy render, congrats Supro.

  5. I usually like lana in the pics, but you did so good on cindy here!