Got a new one for today. Maelora wanted to see three of my girls in a gangbang with 6 black men. We have Cindy on the left, Lana in the center (as always :D), and Alexis (she’s over on DA) on the right getting fucked from behind while giving some head. If you’re wondering why I’m using the old Lana here, I had been working on this commission a few months back and it only got finished sometime last week due to some response delays. So that’s why it’s the classic version.

I had people asking me about doing some interracial stuff (especially with Lana), so hopefully this will satisfy you fans until the next time I do one. Hopefully, the wait won’t be too long. 😀 Also, this was also the first time I had done 9 full modeled characters in one scene. 9! It’s a personal record and maybe one day, I’ll break it. Anyway, enjoy!

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