AVAILABLE NOW: Lana’s Fuck Fest!

It's finally here! Lana's Fuck Fest is now available for purchase at the Affect3D Store! You loved Lana. You've watched her helped a new girl break into the business. You've seen her as a heroic figure. Now how about we just go back to the most purest form of Lana? That's right! Getting gangbanged by [...]

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday! Today's update I've got a couple pieces of artwork from different artists and another preview of Lana's Fuck Fest (coming out this Tuesday!). First up is from Devil-HS, one of my fave artists and features Lana getting in the festive spirit, wearing a tiny bikini, some stockings, [...]

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Lana’s Fuck Fest Previews

So we're a week away from Lana's Fuck Fest and I've got a few rough previews from the set. The set is very close to completion, but I ran into a few issues and had to rerender some of the images. But there's a still at least 10 pics left to complete. Anyway, you can [...]

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New Charity Set: Affect3D Gives Back!

The charity set from Affect3D is now available! In one of the biggest collaborations on Affect3D Store, Affect3D Gives Back: Spirit of Xmas provides you with over 200 images from 17 different artists like miro, lord-kvento, 3DZen and even me! That's insane, isn't it? This collection features pinups, boy-on-girl, futa, lesbians, monsters, tentacles, gangbangs, and [...]

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Krissy’s Dream By Devil-HS

New update for today. I recently commissioned Devil-HS a new pic, this time featuring Krissy! Like Lana, Krissy's dream have gotten more and more lewd over the last couple of years. On this night, she dreams of her body getting ravaged by the fattest, longest, sloppiest cocks imaginable. Krissy imagines those cocks fucking her tight [...]

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Coming Soon: Lana’s Fuck Fest + Update!

So I wanted to make a quick announcement about a couple of projects I'm working. First off, I'm working on a new title called Lana's Fuck Fest. The name is what you think: Lana fucking a few guys. Nothing glamorous. Just lots of oral, tittyfucking, anal and perhaps double anal(!!). This one is not going [...]

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Alison Commission

New update for today. This one is a commission for evilhero2517 and features their character Alison. After her run as a cheerleader for a major football franchise, Alison decided to go back to her former job: Porn! But Dazzle wants to do a small pictorial first before getting her down and dirty with the rest [...]

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Lana & Rhyxa

New update for today. This one is a commission by SilenceSoLoud featuring their character Rhyxa getting a footjob by Lana. Rhyxa heard about Lana's footwork and wanted to know how it felt, requesting a special meeting. Rhyxa couldn't believe how well Lana jerked her massive cock off with the soles of her feet. Lana also [...]

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Kiara & Krissy

Sorry about the lack of updates. It's been a hectic couple of weeks with a lot of stuff being worked on including Affect3D stuff, commissions, new Lana title (more on that later), updating models,  and various other things. But I do have something I worked on recently. This one was done for Krissy's creator Sgt. [...]

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