Some Art From PrivatePomegranate

I've got some new artwork from PrivatePomegranate, who held another sketch day earlier this week. I ended up getting three pics of three different characters: Lana, Zoey and Justine. I really love how these turned out. Lana's ass looks phenomenal. Zoey's sluttiness is great. And Justine, honestly, I really love this image a lot. It's [...]

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Coming Next Month: Lana Liberty!

I've already told my patreon supporters about it, but I wanted to make this official. There will be a new title featuring Lana as her superhero alter-ego Lana Liberty. At this time, the working title is "Lana Liberty Vs. The Mistress" and will also feature Krissy as the role of The Mistress and Adrian as [...]

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Good Morning

Bit of a continuation from the last update. This time, Lana is joined by her friend Adrian for a little anal fucking. After looking at the beautiful sunrise, Lana had a good vibe and wanted to share it with everyone. Sadly, Lana is unable to do that, but she is able to share it with [...]

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Lana Wallpaper

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy working on the next title (more on that later). Anyway, we have a new update though and it's a wallpaper. This one features Lana in the nude looking through the window of her bedroom. A simple scene where Lana take a moment to relax and take [...]

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Krissy Striptease

Sorry about the unexpected hiatus, but I'm back with another update. This mini-set was commissioned by Krissy's creator SergeantBuck, who wanted to see Krissy do a little striptease. On a special mission, Krissy needs to take out the target, but in an outfit, it does get a little sticky. She decides to get herself comfortable, [...]

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