More Sponty

New stuff for today. I've got some more pics of Sponty, this time solo. But that doesn't she doesn't know how to have fun on her own. Especially when she uses a huge ass dildo that makes her cum buckets. :D These were done in Octane this time around. As always, Sponty is a really [...]

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Sponty, Meymey & Ell

New stuff for today. This was commissioned by Lunarsage and features the lovable bunny dickgirl Sponty getting her holes filled by Meymey and Ell. The neighborhood dickgirls love Sponty. Maybe it's due to her huge boobs or huge cock. Or maybe it has something to do with Sponty's biology, letting take much more than the [...]

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Art By Zet13 and T2Death

New stuff for today. I recently commissioned a couple of artists featuring Lana and Zoey. The first one is from Zet13 and is a continuation of the previous pic. This one features Lana sucking on a cock after getting a facial. I really love how this one turned out. My first thought when this was [...]

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Tittyfuckin’ Around

New pic for today. Well, technically not a new pic, but newly added to the site. I posted this a few days ago on tumblr (which you can follow here). It features Lana giving a tittyfuck to Adrian.  I wanted to make sure Adrian's hands were active, so I went with a little thumbsucking action. [...]

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Commissions Open (Sort Of)

So here's the dealio. Currently, I've got 24GB installed on the motherboard, but I can only use 16GB because Windows Home Premium caps at that amount. Octane uses a lot of memory and I've realized 16 GB of RAM is not very much after a while. So I need to upgrade to professional. That's why [...]

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Zoey Gangbang By Ninja Kitty

New stuff for today. It's Ninja Kitty's part of the art trade! Yay! If you didn't my end, then check out the post here. For NK's part, we focus on Zoey, who's making a bunch of friends at once. Now, she's not very good at remembering faces. But she knows everyone's names just by looking [...]

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Ninja Kitty Art Trade

New pics for today. I recently did an art trade with the infamous Ninja Kitty! They're definitely one of my favorite artists. If you haven't seen their work, then check out their Hentai Foundry profile this instant (or after viewing the pics below). Doing the NK model was fun, so I thought of doing two [...]

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Dancer & Oni

New pic for today. I did this for my friend Vidayen, who celebrated a birthday last month. It depicts his characters Electric Dancer (Red) and Unbound Oni (Purple) in what should be a loving embrace. I've been working on his characters for many years now and had a lot of fun doing so. Supposedly, there's [...]

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Justine-WAIT WHAT?!

New update for today. This time featuring Justine! Shocking, right? After playing around with Octane, I wanted to give one of the girls some focus again. Justine has always been a favorite of mine and it had been forever since the last time I rendered, so I thought she should get the vote. I really [...]

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