Lana by Zet13

New pic for today. Got this one from Zet13, an awesome artist that alleviates my alliteration levels. :D Here, we see Lana getting her favorite hole filled with a huge cock. She loves the cock going her ass, even getting a good view of the action. Enjoy!

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Lana from Dsan And Devil-HS

New stuff for today. I recently got some art from two kickass artists. To start things off, Dsan was holding a $5 sketch special that I couldn't resist. He did two pics featuring Lana, showing off her quality assets. I definitely recommend checking out Dsan's work over on Hentai-Foundry. His work is fun and just [...]

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Out Goes Devitt…

...In comes the newest member of Bullet Club, Zoey! :D I've been watching some New Japan lately and got inspired to do this pic featuring Zoey sporting Bullet Club's shirt. Yeah I know. Zoey in clothing, what a foreign concept. But I think she's rocking the shirt nicely. :) Enjoy! Speaking of Zoey, I've been [...]

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Bikinis Y’all

Yeah, I know it's been a slow month on updates. I'm trying to finish up a few things at the moment, one of which should be done and revealed within this week. In the meantime, I did some bikini shots of Lana because her wearing anything is just too delicious to resist! Enjoy!

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Superman & Jessica Rabbit Commission

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned anonymously featuring Jessica Rabbit getting her way with Superman. After finding a way to subdue him and tie him to the bed, Jessica pleasures him in various ways: Licking his nipple, riding his cock , tittyfucking him until he cums all over her. But she's not done [...]

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Something To Do With Glasses and Nudity

Sorry about the lack of updates. I've been trying to get a bunch of stuff done the past week or so. But I was able to render out a couple of pics (well, ones I can show you at this time ;)). Here's some Lana, rendered in Octane, showing off her glasses while also showing [...]

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Perfidus’ Keetsie

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Perfidus featuring their character Keetsie Lilka. This saucy catgirl works as a dancer, but she likes to add a little flair to her routine. She first dances with the pole before taking off her top and panties, giving you a good look at her pussy. She's [...]

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