Intrigue 3D Welcomes Lir!

That's right! You heard me!  Evollusionist's Lir is now part of the site! :) One of my all-time favorite 3DX characters, Lir will be joining the other girls of Intrigue 3D, meaning you'll get to see more of her on this very site. With her gorgeous looks and bigjuicy booty, how can you not love? [...]

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Swegabe’s Farah

New pic for today. This one was commissioned by Swegabe. That name might be familiar with some of you because they're the creator of the game The Legend of Queen Opala. You can download the game over here. In the meantime, here's a commission featuring the voluptuous Farah. She seems to be tempting you to [...]

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Krissy & Jenna

New stuff for today. This one commissioned by the holder of Krissy, SergeantBuck. He wanted to pair her with his other OC, Krissy's good friend and roommate Jenna. Both were hanging out at the club when the drinks started coming. One thing led to another and Jenna finds herself in front of Krissy's nude pussy. [...]

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Zoey Madness 2 + Commissions Open! (And closed!)

Here's another commission from the anonymous client from the last one. They loved the previous multiple Zoey pic and wanted one for themselves. This time, the Zoeys are now fucking Rachel around with a couple of strap-ons. I wonder where they're keeping all these Zoeys at? :D Enjoy! Also, commissions are open again! Click on [...]

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Zoey & Rachel Commission

Got this one commissioned by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. This features at one of the clubs she works at with her friend Rachel. Both are locked in chastity as their buyers asked, forcing the girls to relive some pleasure through a kiss. After both girls are blindfolded and gagged, Zoey is forced to [...]

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Vidayen’s Psychotic Vixen & Mirian

New stuff for today for Vidayen again. This one was basically a surprise for him. One of the earlier commissions I got from him featured his character Psychotic Vixen, so I thought of doing a updated version of her paired with a more recent character I've made in Mirian. And some guy. :P Vixen is [...]

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More Visarah

Well, after being worked the fuck out by the ending of Summerslam (at least he held the belt for 5 minutes; still *tears*), I got some new stuff featuring Vidayen's Visarah once again. This time, she's showing a lot more skin than before. First teasing you with a quick boob shot, almost as if she's [...]

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Info on Commissions

Okay, so it's been quite some time since I was open for commissions and I've been getting inquiries about it. So here's the info. I will be reopening this Thursday August the 22nd. I'll make a post about when I'm open again on that day, which you'll be able to fill out the form to [...]

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Krissy As A Futa?!?

Yes. You heard right. Krissy's owner SergeantBuck wanted to see Krissy as a futa after seeing Lana with her own cock. Krissy is in amazement from the growth between her legs. Now sporting her own massive cock, she's excited by this new development. Hopefully, she'll be able to use it soon. :) I did do [...]

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Draygon’s Feena Returns

Got another pic for Draygon today. This time, it features his girl Feena. You remember Feena, right? Of course you do. That's why it's always a pleasure to do her again. This time, she's joined by a guy who fucks her on the side. Enjoy!

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