Jenna Commission

New stuff for today. You know of Krissy, right? If you don't, go click that link and then come back here. Anyway, she has a roommate! :) One is as busty and curvy as she is. SergeantBuck wanted me to recreate his other character Jenna in 3D fashion. The thick and voluptuous Jenna is shockingly [...]

April 26th, 2013|Categories: Commissions|8 Comments

April For Berggie

New item for today. This is a (slightly-belated) birthday gift for my good friend berggie featuring his character April. April has many abilities, from growing her breasts to making herself as big as a planet. But the one thing that they true with her is that she's sexy as hell. Here she keeps it simple. [...]

April 23rd, 2013|Categories: Pictures|16 Comments

Lana By DarkerEve

Got some new artwork for you to enjoy. I commissioned DarkerEve recently and ended up getting a few pics from him featuring, as always, Lana. :) The first is Lana relaxing on her bed while reading with her Kindle (the old one, she's frugal like that :D). She enjoys a good read and enjoys reading [...]

April 21st, 2013|Categories: Other Artwork|Tags: |4 Comments

Lucia’s Holiday Blackmail

New stuff for today. This was a commission done for gimmieyourload featuring her tantilizing Lucia. The first six pics are based on the second part of a story she's written, which I'd recommend checking out to get what's happening in the pics. Plus, who can resist a girl in workout gear? :D There's also another [...]

April 18th, 2013|Categories: Commissions|6 Comments

Commissions Closed + Affect3D MotD Feature

Wanted to make a post about a couple of news bits. First, I wanna let everyone know that commissions are closed at this time. I currently have several projects I'm working on at once and cannot add anymore people to the waiting list. I'll work to get through the list  and reopen again as soon [...]

April 15th, 2013|Categories: Random BS|8 Comments

Fyre’s Initiation + Gallery Updates

Time for some new things today. First up, we have Lana and Churchill's Fyre Melons. Lana wants to know how well Fyre can handle herself, so she puts through a test. After an intense (if not intimate) staredown, Lana calls for the guys to enter the scene. The girls are amazed by the bounty in [...]

April 13th, 2013|Categories: Pictures|Tags: , , |12 Comments

Licking Fyre

New pic for today. This one was commissioned by Churchill featuring his lovely character Fyre Melon. Here we see her working the pole while showing off her powers. Careful now. You don't wanna burn your tongue. :D Enjoy! Oh and here's a small preview of something I've been working on. Hopefully, it should be done [...]

April 7th, 2013|Categories: Commissions|Tags: |8 Comments

Cindy’s Bukkake Dream Commission

Got this commissioned not too long ago from neomonoxide (who previously commissioned this) featuring Cindy. Cindy has some strange fucking dreams (quite literally!). Her most recent one found her at the park, sitting on the bench. She sees a bunch of the biggest massive cocks in front of her. These beasts are bigger than her [...]

April 4th, 2013|Categories: Commissions|Tags: |14 Comments

Stuff From The Hard Drive (Updated With Poll)

I found a couple of pics on the hard drive that I never got around to posting. There were done a year ago (back in January '12). I had planned to add her to the I3D stable, but a combination of things ended up stopping me from doing that (Laziness being the main one). Anyway, [...]

April 1st, 2013|Categories: Pictures|20 Comments