April and Lana Together Again

I worked on a trade with my good pal berggie. If you have cute girls with growing breasts sizes, then check his stuff out.  He's a great artist and is definitely one to watch. First up is my end of the trade. Berggie's April has the power to grow her breasts and those in her [...]

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Feena And Lana Commission

Oh boy. Lana gets around, doesn't she? She's been with various girls like Vidayen's Electric Dancer, Berggie's April, Maragriz's Jessica, SergeantBuck's Krissy (a coupling that made me so happy I added Krissy to the collection :)), and now she's with another hot and sexy girl, Draygon's Feena. Feena is getting herself a sampling too, licking [...]

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Realistic-Style Lana

Got a new pic today. A while ago I did some lighting and texture tests with Lana being my subject and ended up coming with this. Now I don't think I'll do on a permanent because I don't want to aim for total focus on it at this time. But once in a while is [...]

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Solo Adrian

Here's a shot of Adrian. I'm pretty secure about my sexuality (after all I do post a lot of boobies :D), so I think a solo shot is acceptable. Anyway, I've been toying around with the lighting and textures to present a better look to my renders and I've felt I've accomplished that. Compare it [...]

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Attack of the Tentacles!

Couple of commissions today with the theme of tentacles. First up is Vixzvile's featuring his character Vixz and Kylie. As they're getting it on, the tentacles help out with the action by pushing them into each other for a more pleasure experience. :D The second pic features tentacles that are less friendly. Teri-Minx's Madame Darkness [...]

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New Title Details!

Alright, it's time for some details on the upcoming set. No new pics outside of work-in-progress stuff, so if you're not interested in that, then you can leave and roam the rest of the site. For those interested, here are the details about it! Plot The new set will be exclusively boy/girl action. No girl [...]

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Feena and Madame Darkness Commissions

Got some commissions for today with Draygon's  Feena and Teri-Minx's Madame Darkness. Just simple nude shots of each. Nothing with sex going. Yet. ;) Still working on those, so expect to see those out soon. Enjoy! Tomorrow! I'll release the details of the set, so prepare!

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Black Widow’s In Trouble!

A few weeks back, Ickycrane had a contest over on the Affect3D forum where the winner would get their pic get the Ickycrane treatment. Needless to say, I entered and I didn't win. :( But  it did give me a chance to do a non-original character in the form of Marvel's Black Widow. The scenario [...]

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Krissy & Lana Titty 69

To cap off Krissy & Lana's weekend (sorry about the delay in posting this :p), here's a commission for Ferd Liwanag (who previously commissioned the Cindy & Lana pics) featuring the girls licking the other's nipple while pleasuring themselves. Krissy & Lana love the feel of the other's tongue as they lick the other's tit. [...]

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New Krissy & Lana Pics

To continue the Krissy & Lana posting weekend, here's two pinups featuring each girl relaxing in their own certain way First up, it's Krissy. After a night of partying, she finds herself sleeping on the couch in a most unusual position. Though, she seems pretty happy. I wonder what she's dreaming. Got any ideas? :D [...]

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