A Mouthful For Lana: Part 1!

Yes, the first part of the Lana taking on the huge cock is up! As you can see up top, The series will be called "A Mouthful For Lana" (thank you Sharkdude for helping me out on that). The first 5 pics of the series is up. There's no action yet, but I'm slowing gonna [...]

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More Justine

More Justine pics for ya. Had to change the lighting due to the Reality plug-in upgrade. I prefer how these look compared to the previous one. The Lana CG set is coming along nicely. I should have something posted up later in the week, so if you have any ideas of what you want her [...]

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Cold Snap Commission (and Open for Commissions too!)

Another commission, this time for Teri-Minx of her character Cold Snap in normal style. The second pic (non-adult) will be posted up on my DA page at a later date. Enjoy! Also, commissions have been reopened again. Click on Commission Info up top for the pricing and form. Thanks!  

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Expandshadowz Commission

Here's the breast expansion commission I was telling you earlier about. This one was commissioned by Expandshadowz over at DA, who wanted to do a small set of herself with her bust size growing. How could I say no? :D

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Quick Update

Yeah I haven't posted all week as I've been busy with college and commissions. As a funkasaurus once said, my bad. :D I've begun working on the set of Lana giving some action to a huge cock. I've already set up the room setting that the action will take place in, which you can see [...]

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Glasses It Is Then

Well the vote is done and it looks like you want to see Lana in glasses for the CG set. So I'll be doing that for her. I'm still setting up some stuff for the set, but I should have something up later this month. Until then, enjoy this new pic of Lana.

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Some Stuff on Affect 3D and Some Lana

For those wondering what's going on with Affect 3D, I honestly don't have a clue. I'm sure it's the hosting that's doing that, but we'll have to wait and see about it. I've already contacted Miro about it, but since he's at work, it's gonna be a while before I can get a response. Anyway, [...]

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Lana in Glasses: Should I….?

After I got some positive responses in having Lana in some specs over here and on DA (where a SFW pic of her is on there), I have to ask: Since I've partially started on the set yet haven't begun to render it, should I have Lana wearing glasses in the set or no? [...]

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