Sorry about the lack of updates (personal stuff, you know how that is). So I'm gonna do another batch update, this time featuring Lana in every pic. These were mostly Patreon requests and feature Lana interacting/fucking with another character including Rylee, June, and even Rikolo's Hana and Nuflash's Elizabeth. I'll have another update sooner than [...]

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Deviline & Rylee

Oh look! We've got another update featuring the Devilish Devil, DevilHS' Deviline! This one was commissioned by JoFu, who wanted to see a battle between Deviline & Rylee to see who reigns supreme in the dickgirl world. After an intense staredown (with their cocks trying to intimidate the other), they begin the action. Deviline starts [...]

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Deviline & Stripes

Got a little treat for ya. This one was done as a little gift for DevilHS for all the pics he's done for me over the past few years. We have his character Deviline & Stripes getting down with each other. After a polite conversation, the two immerse themselves in rough fucking as Deviline pounds [...]

January 18th, 2018|Categories: Pictures|4 Comments

Dickgirl Fun With Krissy & Lana

Hey! I know it's super late, but it's now my birthday now. So celebrations are in order (maybe. We'll see). Anyway, I've got some stuff requested via Patreon featuring Krissy & Lana as a couple of hung dickgirls that like to fuck around. They try to use their new tools in various ways: Comparing each [...]

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Lana At The Gloryhole

Welcome to 2018! I hope you've had a good few days since the new year started. To kick the updates off, here's something requested via Patreon featuring Lana and a couple of huge cocks at a gloryhole. Lana usually wouldn't be caught at one of these, but the service here is clean and friendly. So [...]

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Rylee’s Transformation

With the new year approaching (at least on my end), I thought I should end the year with something done earlier featuring Rylee and her origins. Yes, she has an origin story! It was originally posted on Patreon. Rylee's Transformation is Rylee's journal about the different stages of her life including when she was fat, [...]

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Artwork By Various Artists

I accumulated a bunch of artwork from various artists over the past few months that I never got around to posting. Well, today's the day as I post the art I've commissioned from various artists featuring Lana, Rylee and/or Zoey. Some of the artwork comes from a few familiar faces like Devil-HS or NinjaKitty along [...]

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Bunch Of Stuff 2

Sorry about the lack of updates here. I've been working on several things and time sorta slipped by. I may have something big to announce within this month or next. But there's still some things that are being worked on right now. Anyway, since I'm behind on posting, I've got a bunch of stuff for [...]

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Bunch Of Stuff

Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I know it's a day or two off, but I have a hodge podge of assorted goodies previously posted on Patreon. There's stuff featuring Lana, Zoey, Rylee, Krissy, Alexis, Cindy, Kiara, Justine and a couple of other familiar characters you may have seen from comics and/or movies. Enjoy! [...]

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Deviline + Update

Got lots of stuff featuring Deviline, DevilHS' hot demon girl. She's one of my fav characters, so I had to do something with her. As you can see, she's a horny nymph that wants nothing more than to fuck (and maybe get your soul). Anyway, there's two varieties of her: Dickgirl and without. Check them [...]

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