Lana’s Prepwork By DirtyMonkey

New stuff for today. I commissioned DirtyMonkey (a personal fave) two pics featuring Lana and how she prepares herself. She first gets her big purple dildo, the one that closely matches Adrian's thickness. After lubing it up, she begins penetrating her ass with it. With each movement, she moans with excitement. After a while, she's [...]

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Lana Turns Futa

New stuff for today, this time featuring Lana as a futa. The first one featuring Lana tittyfucking herself. She's trying to lick the tip with all the might, but can't get any closer. The second one is a cumshot pic (this was commissioned). Lana explodes with fury, showing huge strings of cum everywhere. The feeling [...]

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Keetsie Shows Off

New stuff for today. This one was commissioned by Perfidus and features Keetsie from last time. Here, we see her showing off her slick bikini after a relaxing swim. If that wasn't enough, she's also got a schoolgirl uniform, giving you a quick peek at her panties. But don't stare too long. This is an [...]

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