Chloe At The Beach + Patreon Reopened!

Quick update for today. I'm post the Chloe set from the Affect3D Gives Back set for everyone to enjoy. Who is Chloe? I dunno. I got the name from 3DZen after a little error. :D Anyway, here she is at the beach. After getting a little more comfortable, her boy toy arrives to give her [...]

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Where The Fuck Was I?

I know some of you are thinking "Where's Supro? Why hasn't he updated in two weeks? Is he okay? Is he dead? I hope he's not dead. But man, I'm so angry at him. Why hasn't he updated yet? Where's the new Lana?! He's cockteasing me! I hate him! I hate him so much!!!" First [...]

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Coming Soon: Lana’s Fuck Fest + Update!

So I wanted to make a quick announcement about a couple of projects I'm working. First off, I'm working on a new title called Lana's Fuck Fest. The name is what you think: Lana fucking a few guys. Nothing glamorous. Just lots of oral, tittyfucking, anal and perhaps double anal(!!). This one is not going [...]

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