Journal Entry 1:

I’m fat.

I can’t lie to myself anymore about this. I’m fat and unhappy with my appearance. It probably has to do with what happened an hour ago when some girl just looked at me and had a look of disgust. I could hear her talking to her friends about me being a landwhale and how I should go back to the ocean.

What she said hurt me. I felt like crying after that. But when I look in the mirror, I realize I do need to do something. I don’t want to feel sad because of the way I feel. And I sure as hell don’t want to be gawked at like a freak. I should make a change…



Journal Entry 2:

Since that day, I’ve made a few changes. For one, I decided to change my diet, reducing my intake of sugary foods and eating more healthy foods. I’ve also begun a jogging routine as well. When I started, I could barely walk for 10 minutes at a time without feeling tired or in pain. Now I’ve comfortably been able to go for 60 minutes, barely breaking a sweat.

I’ve lost about 10 pounds since I’ve started a few weeks ago. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’m happy with the progress. But if I really want to shed those pounds, I’m gonna need to take it to the next step!



Journal Entry 3:

I found this local gym in my area that was free. It’s pretty quaint and doesn’t have a lot of stuff, but it’s a good start. While my weight loss has been great the last couple of months, my strength is a different story. I’m still fairly weak, so I wanna get into weightlifting as soon as I can. But until then, these 3 pound barbells will help kickstart my goal.

Also I’ve lost so much weight that my workout pants are getting very loose. May have to change those out soon.





Journal Entry 4:

Wow! I can’t believe it. I was gonna go to the beach today, but before leaving I decided to check out my body in the bikini. And I was shocked to see myself in the mirror. I look gorgeous! A few months ago, I was depressed about my body. But it’s a complete 180 as I’m both toned and happy! It’s been tough to get myself in shape, but when you put in the work, it definitely pays off. Now to tone this body and pack some muscles!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I got myself a haircut. Nothing too fancy, but I wanted to shorten it out some.



Journal Entry 5:

Got myself a gym membership! The other gym was fine, but the equipment was sorta basic. Here, there’s more state-of-the-art stuff. Plus different classes to help with my nutrition. It’s been so well, I’ve even started developing some definition. Look at my abs! It’s been a long time since I could wear something like this in public and not be embarrassed.

Also, I got me a couple of star tattoos. I wanted something to commemorate my lifestyle change and I always loved the looks of stars. I dunno why, but I just do. I’m thinking of getting more, but first I wanna get bigger and stronger!




Journal Entry 6:

I know you’re probably asking yourself why I’m sad again. Or why I have a dick. Well, I wasn’t born with it. It sorta happened randomly one day. But I’m not sad about that. I actually enjoy having a cock and balls. That extra testosterone helps me with my recent gains.

After a long day, I was ready to have a little me time with it. I got myself all comfy, even wore my sexy bra. But before I start, I just look at it and realize how small it looks. I still jerked off anyway, but I can’t help but see if there’s a way to make it bigger.

Though, not too big. I’m not that crazy. Just a hefty 9 inches should do the trick. 😀


Journal Entry 7:

My recent developments has been wonderful. I’ve made strides in my workout as my strength and muscle gains have been excellent. I even bought some weights off eBay for my own personal use. I still like to go to the gym often since their equipment is better quality and they also have a lot more space than my bedroom. But I mainly got it because of reasons….

Now I don’t use any performance enhancing drugs, but when I found out about a drug that helps with dick growth, I had to try and see if it works. Yeah, I know it sounds like a weird as fuck scam, but it’s been working so far. I’ve noticed my dick is bigger than before, which mean I’m getting closer to my goal.

Problem is whenever I work out, I start to get aroused. Really aroused. There’s probably something in the pill that causes it to happen, but it’s gotten pretty bad. There was one occasion where I almost had an erection at the gym in front of a dozen or so people. I would’ve been so embarrassed if that happened. So now I end up working at home in the nude or whenever the gym is slow or dead.

But eventually once I stop using these dick pills, maybe it’ll stop happening. Though, I’m not sure why I want a bigger dick when I don’t have a significant other…

Journal Entry 8:

Oh my god! My cock is huge! I hadn’t had time to measure it in a while, so I decided to go to the bathroom and see for myself. I was shocked to see I was over 9 inches long. I didn’t realized I had gotten so big until now.

I probably should mention what happened earlier today that got me to actually checking my size. I decided to go to my favorite gym today. Usually, nobody is there during that time of day, but there was one more other person there. Krissy was her name I think. I never seen her before, but two things that were noticeable were her multi-color hair and huge tits. She was running on the treadmill at the time, so I thought ‘Maybe this won’t be a problem and I can get my workout done without issues.’

Wellllll, before I could start my rep, she somehow tripped and fell off the machine. I checked to see if she was okay, but suddenly she pulled down my pants and started sucking my cock! I’m thinking ‘Oh fuck! I’m gonna be in so much trouble!’, but at the same time, her mouth melt so warm and good I didn’t want her to stop.

She did eventually, but that’s only after she wanted me to fuck her pussy right then and there. I did and unloaded a huge creampie inside. I don’t know what got into me, but I was so fucking horny that I fucked her ass before coming all over her. I couldn’t believe what I did!

I was so embarrassed by my actions. I went to the showers to clean my filthy self from that experience, but Krissy joined me there soon after. She said I was a natural at this and that she has some friends she wanted me to meet. She gave me her number and then we went our separate ways.

I still have her number in my gym bag. But I dunno. I really had fun with her, but I’m not sure if I wanna go down that path. I mean, I’ve already accomplished my other goals (lose weight, gain muscles, increase dick size). Maybe I should have another one in mind…

Journal Entry 9 (Last Entry):

It took a long time to get to this point, but I’ve finally done it. I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. I lost all my weight, became strong (with big juicy muscles to boot), and got myself a hefty 10 incher that would make most guys jealous. Hell, I even made a bunch of new sex friends (like my new roommate Zoey, who can be a handful to deal with, but she’s cool). I’ve never been so happy!

I should mention something that did irk me for a bit. My old gym had revoked my membership. Turns out they found out about my “actions” with Krissy and banned me from working out there. I was upset about it, but I ended up finding another place. This one is managed by another friend of mine, June. Funny story: We started fucking when we first met. But since she’s in charge, there were no issues or problems whatsoever. She told me that I can come by to exercise (or fuck) anytime. Plus I can workout in the nude after hours, so that’s a plus.

But yeah, everything’s been great so far. I’m happy with how I look and with the friends I’ve made. I dunno where life will take me, but wherever it is, I’m ready for the ride.


A Little Bonus

So you may find this interesting, but remember when I told you about that girl who insulted me? Well guess who I happened to meet?

It happened a few days ago at the gym. I was doing a few reps when I saw walk in. I could tell it was her because her annoying face and voice was burned in my head. But anyway, a bunch of the guys started to hit on her. They would flex their muscles, talk about how they wanted to bang her, etc. She wasn’t interested in any of them, but I had a plan…

As they continued to harass her, I stepped in and told them that they should stop. Most of them were afraid after seeing my physique, but one of them thought he could be a tough guy. He tried to swing at me, but I blocked it and put him in the most non-violent move I could think of at the time: A headlock. He passed out almost immediately. The other guys knew I was serious and backed off completely, dragging their unconscious friend away.

With that settled, the girl thanked me and asked if I could keep her accompanied for the rest of the time aka be her gym buddy. I agreed. While we exercised together, we chatted a bit about things. During this time, I got the impression that she didn’t remember me nor what she said to me. But that wasn’t gonna be an issue since I had to work on Phase 2 of my plan!

After working out, we both decided to hit the showers. We went into the locker room and started to undress. That’s when she noticed my big, flaccid cock. She had that expression of a deer in headlights as she stared directly at it. She almost decided to leave before we went in, but I told her to relax as I just want to wash off the sweat and nothing else. She was apprehensive at first, but decided it was alright.

As we both cleaned ourselves in that shower, I couldn’t help but tell she was still making glances at my dick. So I decided to tease her a bit by making my cock twitch and grow a little. I could tell she was getting hornier by my actions as she really tried to clean her groin. That’s when I went in the kill.

I simply asked her ‘How big do you think it is?’ She seems dumbstrucked by my question, saying ‘What?’ So I said it again. ‘How big do you think my cock is?’ Confused, the girl spits out ‘I don’t know. 6? Maybe 7 inches?’

‘How about 10?’ She was stunned by what I said. It looked as if she both didn’t believed and wanted to believe what I told her. But I knew I struck a chord. She began to breath harder and harder as my cock began to expand, getting thicker and larger by the second. Her body began to shiver as her face became redder. Soon, my cock was fully erect and pointed right in her direction. She dropped to her knees in near-orgasmic bliss. Her face was right in front of my cock. She was just looking at it with a feeling of desire. She became a bitch in heat and I could’ve easily ravaged her body right then and there.

But I’m a person of my word and I left the shower, cleansed from head to toe, with my erection still untouched. As I started to dry myself, I saw the girl stumbled out, still with that look of desire. She again dropped to her knees, but this time began to crawl in my direction. As her lips got closer to my cock, I pulled it away from her, making sure she knows ‘The second your lips touch, I get to use her however I please.’ As I dropped my cock back into place, she didn’t hesitate for a second.

She began to wrap her lips around my tip, sucking out the precum from my cock. She had some trouble with the girth, but I gave her a helping hand, pushing her head down just a bit further to make her mouth engulf the tip.

Okay, so I’m not gonna lie: She was terrible. Really bad. I mean, it probably didn’t help that I met a few who could handle my cock better, but she was really not that good. I just pretended she was doing a good job all the while I jerked off to speed the process. Eventually, I did bust a load inside her mouth. But man….that was terrible.

She still wanted to continue. She stood up and showed me her dripping pussy, wet with the urge to get fucked. But I wasn’t in the mood. So I told her that I’m late for a meeting (Hint: I wasn’t) and asked for her number for maybe a future hookup. After getting it, I got dressed, hurried the fuck out of there, and then called Krissy to see if she wanted to bang.

To be honest, I thought it would be satisfying than that. I wanted to really give it to her after she insulted me and drove me to tears. But it just didn’t work out well. But I’m not mad or anything. In fact, without her being a complete jerk, I don’t think my life could be as kickass as it is now. I’m super fit, got a big cock and made several friends who are pretty cool. Maybe I should give her a call to thank her. Or maybe get one of my friends to teach her about fucking.

Only problem is I don’t remember what I did with the number. It’s probably somewhere in my apartment, but I really don’t wanna look for it. Oh well.