It’s almost winter, so it’s either freezing where you live or is about to be (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you lucky dogs). But how about we keep warm by checking out a nice sunny scene with Krissy & Rylee commissioned a while back by Kingdrew51?

The girls are hanging out at the beach, wearing some revealing clothing. But Krissy is caught off-guard when Rylee suddenly shows off her erection(s) and rubs them up on her (Why does Rylee have two cocks? I don’t know. I’ll say a beach wizard or something. It’s a commissioned piece, so I have no complaints about it). Even though she’s shocked, Krissy doesn’t mind having a little fun in the sun and lets Rylee fuck her right then and there. After a while, Rylee loses control and leaves a huge mess on Krissy’s ass and face.

Hope this keeps you warm for a while (or at least until the next update). Until then, enjoy!